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New in the February American Journal of Transplantation

American Journal of Transplantation
“Compared Efficacy of Preservation Solutions in Liver Transplantation: A Long-Term Graft Outcome Study From the European Liver Transplant Registry”.

Read the abstract for the study here.

“UW Solution: Still the “Gold Standard” for Liver Transplantation”

Read the full editorial here.


Join Us in Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Joseph D’Addio

Joseph Valentino D'Addio

Because of his gifts of life through organ and tissue donation, he will be honored at the 2015 Rose Parade with a floragraph on the Donate Life’s “The Never-Ending Story” Float. A special thanks to Bridge to Life for sponsoring Joe D’Addio’s floragraph.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 4:00pm
105 Meyersville Road, Chatham NJ 07928
Refreshments will be served

Please RSVP to Alberta D’Addio at 908-451-5152 or

Thank you for being a part of Joe’s “Never-Ending Story”.


South Carolina Plans to Double Registered Organ Donors

Representatives from Donate Life South Carolina joined Gov. Nikki Haley and administrators from the Department of Motor Vehicles to launch a campaign aimed at increasing organ donor registrations in the state.

By using marketing techniques including promotional shirts for DMV employees, South Carolina hopes to double donor registrations.

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Pictured, from left: three members of legislature, Sherri Plair (South Carolina’s first Rose Parade float rider), Gov. Haley at the podium, Landon Powell (MLB catcher, A’s), Tracy Armstrong (DLSC), Col. Kevin Schwedo (Director SCDMV), Coach Ray Tanner (2-Time CWS Champion Gamecocks coach), Senator Katrina Shealy, and Aaron Gilchrist (Bridge to Life).
South Carolina Organ Donor Campaign


Donate Life Celebrates Decade of Rose Parade Floats

Donate Life Rose Parade Float 2014
For the last decade Donate Life has honored organ and tissue donors by participating in the annual Rose Parade. Each year a team of volunteers spends weeks building a creatively-designed float, and this year’s entry was no exception.

Floragraph portraits of deceased organ donors adorned five gigantic lanterns to support this year’s theme “Light Up the World”. The parade judges agreed, granting Donate Life it’s third award for best theme presentaiton.

Bridge to Life supports the Donate Life Float and its goal to inspire future organ donors.

Read more about the Donate Life Rose Parade floats


Kidney Recipient Takes His Donor Down the Aisle

Kyle Froelich was given a year to live when he was only 19. Diagnosed with kidney disease as a child, Kyle had been unable to find donor match until he met Chelsea Clair. On a whim Chelsea decided to donate her kidney to a man she barely knew, but the gift of life drew them even closer. Three years after the transplant the pair has exchanged not just a kidney, but marriage vows.

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Two Lives Saved with One Liver

Split liver transplantation carries no increased risk of failure in either recipient, allowing surgeons to safely save two lives from a single donated organ (graft), according to new research from Boston Children’s Hospital published online in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

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10-Year-Old Receives Two Sets of Lungs

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl at the center of a national organ allocation debate nearly died after complications with a first set of donor lungs, her parents have revealed. But Sarah Murnaghan received a rare second transplant within days and has now recovered enough to open her eyes and take first breaths.

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Study Shows Facebook’s Influence on Organ Donations

As a follow-up to a news story shared last year (May 4, 2012) regarding Facebook’s Announcement to Support Organ Donor Registrations, there have been some interesting results.

  • The average number of online organ donor registrations is 616 per day.
  • On the first day of the initiative, there were 13,054 new online registrations.
  • Within 12 days, the number of daily online registrations returned to the average norm.

Social media has impacted the world in ways that no one anticipated. Now it is starting to influence the way we consider organ donation as well. Facebook created a way for its users to share whether they are registered as a potential organ donor and also added links making it easier for Facebook users to sign up. In the first day of operation, online organ donor registries received over 20 times the normal traffic for registration.

The main basis for Facebook’s recent addition on organ donation is to make the public more aware of the need for Organ Donations. Many people may not be aware that a friend, colleague or family member may need an organ donation since it can be a difficult and awkward subject to bring up. Nearly everyone is aware of organ donation in the event of death, but the need for live organs like a kidney is also huge. Everyone has the potential to change or even save someone’s life by donating an organ.

Social Media Dramatically Increases Organ Donor Registration

Facebook’s influence on organ donor registrations was revealed in a study conducted by various researchers at Johns Hopkins University. The impact was commendable, but they recognized that a social media program will need to be deployed to continually energize the online initiative and keep the momentum moving forward. The study leader was Andrew M. Cameron, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Other Johns Hopkins researchers who contributed to this research included Allan B. Massie, Ph.D.; Robert A. Montgomery, M.D., D.Phil.; and Dorry L. Segev, M.D., Ph.D.

Cameron shared, “This was the first effort like this designed to mobilize people for a public health cause.”

  • Johns Hopkins University researchers posted results in the American Journal of Transplantation.
  • Awareness and Communication
    Social media has huge potential as a public health tool


The Facebook Effect: Social Media Dramatically Boosts Organ Donor Registration

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine, June 18, 2013
Facebook study shows social media’s potential to increase organ donations: Read story.

Why Be an Organ Donor?

Source: Donate Life: New York Organ Donor Network
Organ donation is possible with the consent of the patient (through organ donor forms), or from the family of the patient. If you have not registered as an organ donor, it places the family in the position of making that decision. If you have not registered, consider the benefits: Save Lives (one organ donor can save up to eight lives); Improve Quality of Life (reduce or remove someone’s dependence on costly treatments to survive); and Comfort Grieving Families (helping to save or improve lives of others is often a solace to the donor’s family members). More info


Scott Linscott’s Liver Transplant Journey

Scott Linscott continues to share his life journey AFTER receiving a liver transplant in Spring 2012. Even a year after his surgery, his Facebook profile continues to share posts about his gratitude for receiving a liver transplant, his support to those on waiting lists and his encouragement to all to register as organ donors. Scott’s Facebook Timeline

Toronto teen appeals to social media for liver transplant

Global News, July 19, 2013
Fatima Baig is a 19-year-old teenager in Toronto. Because she’s in dire need of a liver transplant and has a rare blood type (Type B-positive), she is reaching out to potential donors through social media. Read story


Organ Donor Registration Day – April 4th

Senator Shealy Introduces Resolution in South Carolina

Senator Shealy introduced a resolution through the Committee on Medical Affairs to designate Thursday, April 4, 2013 as Organ Donor Registration Day in South Carolina. Officially adopted, this bill expresses the South Carolina General Assembly’s and the State of South Carolina’s support for organ, eye and tissue donation throughout the state.

This resolution was brought forward for the following reasons:

  • More than 117,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant.
  • More than 18 people die every day while waiting for an organ transplant.
  • One Donor can save up to eight lives.
  • People of any age, race and ethnicity can save and enhance lives by donating their organs, eyes and tissues.

A copy of this resolution was forwarded to Donate Life South Carolina (


Aaron Gilchrist with South Carolina Senator Shealy

Senator Katrina Shealy (R-Lexington), on right, with Aaron Gilchrist, Global Sales Director for Bridge to Life Ltd.

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An Inspiring Organ Donor Story

Kellen Roberts was an organ donor. He inspired love and life in many ways – both during his life and after.

In 2005, when Kellen unexpectedly died after hitting his head in an accident, his heart was transplanted into 17-year-old Connor Rabinowitz. In this video, you’ll learn how Kellen’s gift of life blossomed into a love story and marriage between his sister, Erin, and Connor.


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