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  • Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution

    Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution
    (UW Solution)

    • Enables Storage at Room Temperature
    • Eliminates Refrigeration Concerns Required for ViaSpan® Solution

    Belzer UW Cold Storage Solution in 500-mL, 1-L and 2-L bags

    500 mL Size Now Available

    • New volume, excellent for living donor programs
    • Less waste
    • Saves time and money

    500 mL in 1/2 liter bags, shelf carton of 6
    1,000 mL in one-liter bags, shelf carton of 10
    2,000 mL in two-liter bags, shelf carton of 5
    Store Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution at temperatures between 2°–25°C (36°–77°F). This “no refrigeration” temperature range minimizes concerns with power outages that can exist with ViaSpan® solutions, which require continual refrigeration.
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    BTL Solutions, LLC
    (a subsidiary of Bridge to Life Ltd.)
    PHONE: (800) 667-9524
    Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is intended for flushing and cold storage of kidney, liver and pancreas organs at the time of their removal from the organ donor in preparation for storage, transportation and eventual transplantation into a donor recipient.
    Instructions for Use
    Belzer UW® Label
    Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is a sterile non-pyrogenic solution with approximate calculations as follows:

    • Osmolarity of 320mOsm
    • Sodium concentration of 29 mEq/L
    • Potassium concentration of 125 mEq/L
    • pH of 7.4 at 20° C.


    There are multiple suppliers and distributors of the organ preservation solutions developed by Drs. Belzer and Southard at the University of Wisconsin. All patents on the formulations used in Belzer UW® Solutions (cold storage and machine perfusion) expired in 2006. Bridge to Life has an exclusive trademark license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for the trademark Belzer UW®.

    Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is manufactured in the USA.

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